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Time to Talk about Holiday E-mail Attachments

This time of year gets crazy with attachments! Hosts sending large PDF invitations (or family update letters) to their guests and excited families sharing their holiday photo activities as they occur.

In most cases email becomes an alternative because they don’t want to take the time to hand address classy invites, cards or print photos. PDF invites, photos and family update letters via email while nice can’t replace receiving a hand addressed unique invite or card in the snail mail — that is so much more thoughtful and enjoyable.

Technology is a wonderful thing — when used properly “with knowledge, understanding and courtesy”. Unfortunately all too often technology becomes a crutch without thought or courtesy to the other side and to cater to what we are unwilling to do otherwise. Is that what you do?

When it comes to attachments many just attach because that is what they want to do or what is convenient at that given moment. Not very thoughtful when considering email is not all about you; your email involves the party or parties on the other side.

Keep in mind that not everyone has unlimited resources to handle the many attachments you send all at once because that is convenient for you. We cannot count on the other side sitting at their computer to download them right then and there to keep their inbox clear. This is why asking first when would be the best time to send multiple photos or large attachments is a courteous gesture to offer.

E-mail is not meant to replace every form of communication.

The amount of photos and files sent without consideration reflects how many have not yet learned just enough to understand how sending all those large photos all at once can shutdown the other side’s inbox. Be sure to decrease each photo to 800 pixels in width before sending to solve that concern.

By being aware of these little issues you will show an understanding of the technology you are participating in (tech savvy) and that you have consideration for those you communicate with.

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