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As a customer, always email with courtesy and clarity.

Customers Should Email with Courtesy and Clarity

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Good customers communicate with courtesy and clarity in their email communications. When you send questions by email or through a website’s contact form, that is an opportunity to show what…
Importance of Email Etiquette Training

Why No Email Etiquette Training?

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A study reflected that over 50% of businesses still do not offer email etiquette training. As a result, many employees, customer service reps, and business owners do their own thing….
Tardy Email Responses

Are You Tardy With Your Personal Email Responses?

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Are you tardy in your responses to incoming personal email? Do you respond to some right away and others later — if at all? If you answered yes to that last question, then you’ve confirmed what those on the other side assume. Some folks have your attention and priority more than others.
Learn about naming, organizing and emailing computer files.

Computer Files 101: Naming, Organizing, and Emailing

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Part of being online is learning certain basics so that are not only informed and perceived as an individual who understands the technology in which you are participating but to also ensure those you communicate with have a pleasant and easy experience.

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