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Only email personal info with those you know you can trust.

Forwarding of Personal Emails

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You are not wrong or being too critical! But, sadly, it appears that your “friend” is inconsiderate and may be an email gossip. As far as a good friendship practice,…
How to avoid Holiday Hoaxes

Holiday Hoax Reminder

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As if 2021 can’t get any crazier, I’ve personally experienced more sophisticated hoax emails than years past. Many target the services and products we rely on due to closures and…
Holiday Email Etiquette

Don’t Fall Prey to Holiday e-Stress Syndrome

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The Holidays are in full swing! With that comes the pressure and stress of all the Holiday issues that hit us every year. Visiting in-laws and outlaws, entertaining details, gift buying, business and personal responsibilities colliding, Holiday cards and the list goes on.
Wanting Prompt Email Replies

When to Follow Up on an Email?

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Have you ever wondered when you should follow up on an email to which you really want a response? What would be the most appropriate “waiting period” to send a…

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