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Insincere Email Apology

Don’t Offer Insincere Apologies — Ever.

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Funny how some folks apologize while they are doing the very thing they are apologizing for. Is an email apology sincere if you are doing something you know could be a problem to start with but you’re doing it anyway — with your apologies?
How to Email Group Members You Don't Know

How to Email Group Members You Don’t Know

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Online groups are great places to share experiences and have conversations with those of like minds. I am a member of several groups (and forums) related to my consulting business….
Red type in email is aggressive.

Seeing Red in Email?

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With every email you send, the recipients hang on every word. How words are used or formatted guides the reader on the intended tone the sender wants to relay. If…
How to prevent online scams and virus problems.

3 Steps to Stop Scams and Virus Problems

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It’s Not the Internet’s “Fault” Watching how the media covers the latest virus or scam would make one think we are all innocent victims. But instead, it is the “evil…
Proper Subject Field Use

The Subject: Field is for the Subject!

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Proper Email Subject Field Use A site visitor emailed me about a person they communicate with who puts the entire email content in the Subject: field. They use the Subject…

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