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Attention to detail in your email activities is important!

Email Requires Your Full Attention!

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Occasionally, I get to do interviews about email etiquette topics. The questions I get asked are generally the same. Most are about the issues that arise when those involved are…
First Impressions based on your emails.

With Email, First Impressions Happen!

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As the proprietor of two email etiquette sites, it is common for folks to think I am too sensitive and give me a hard time regarding email etiquette. I’ve also…
After 50 years of email etiquette, we still have more to learn and share.

50+ Years of Email and Here We Are…

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Did you know that email was invented in 1971? By the mid-1990s, “electronic email” became email. Then thanks to companies like AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo, email became part of our…
Updated 2023: Texting Etiquette Tips

Texting Etiquette Tips for 2023

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Many of the concepts that apply to email apply to Texting, Chat, and Instant Messaging (Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, Smart Phones) and vice-versa. The key is courtesy and clarity in your…
Be very careful what you say online -- it could impact your future.

What Happens Online, Stays Online…

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I recently read an article stating that some folks may have to change their names because so much of what they post online would be embarrassing down the road. Particularly…

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