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No Place for Profanity in Emails

Email Etiquette Means No Profanity

Why is it some folks feel the need to use profanity in their emails? There are always other words one can use.

Swearing may get attention, but not in a positive way. Communicating in this way only serves to have a negative impact on the perception of the sender. Who they are. What they feel is important. Their level of education.

Swearing = Negative Impression

I see it in emails, on forums, social media and even those who use my contact form here on this website. Who would have thought the topic of email etiquette would get some so riled up!

If you do not agree with the concept of using technology properly or communicating with courtesy, why would they then feel the need to contact me using four-letter cuss words? Actually, folks who do this pretty much reinforce the need for a site like this, right?

Does a profanity laden approach make these type of onliners feel better about themselves? Could be.

But I bet they wouldn’t talk that way if face-to-face. By the way, I didn’t make up the concept of email etiquette. Intel did that way back in the day. So why “kill the messenger”?

What I can tell you is those who communicate in this manner are the minority based on my experience. However, every so often I do get emails from my readers about what to do about those who send them emails that include profanity.

Communicate Like an Educated Adult

Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.

Spencer W. Kimball

If you disagree with the opinions or writings of others, you are welcome to let them know. That is part and parcel of being online — comments, feedback, forums, contact forms.

But why not communicate based on the issues while having a constructive conversation where ideas and points of view get shared? That’s how you do it!

Using profanities indicates you are not interested in sharing ideas. Or having a conversation. In most cases it is the sign of someone who is not open to different points of view or understanding others. And that they are a bully.

When I receive these type of email, I always shake my head and wonder what it going on in the head of the sender. Why are they so angry? Why are they lashing out so viscerally about email etiquette. Email Etiquette.

To actually type those words takes a special level of animosity. Consequently I wonder how they communicate in the rest of their life. What is behind their negative and many times destructive way of communicating?

Dealing with Potty Mouths

Do not take their attacks personally. Know that they must be unhappy and lonely folks to feel the need to take the time to send an email with that type of verbiage.

If you are online, you will inevitably see or experience these types. By hiding behind these screens and name calling the moment they run into a different opinion or something they don’t like, in some way emboldens them. Pretty sad if you think about it.

When you run into this type of onliner, you have with the opportunity to set an example. If you do feel the need to respond, treat them with the level of courtesy they were unable to offer you.

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