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NetManners.com discusses everyday technology and email etiquette challenges. For over 25 years now.

I write about the dilemmas we all face at one time or another in a casual and conversational tone. I hope that sharing these experiences will help you in all your written communications.

The topics I write about every week are based on questions and input from site visitors. And I update articles as needed. I also add new articles addressing the concerns and issues you let me know are essential to you.

Way back in 1995, I started championing the topic of Email Etiquette. Back then, it was known as “Netiquette” as in NETwork etIQUETTE.

When working with my clients over @ The IStudio, it was clear that many folks did not realize the importance of honing their email habits and skills. At least not as seriously as they should. Mainly because everything was so new and we were all learning together.

Continuing on…

That was then. Today, while onliners are more device and software savvy, they are still struggling with many of the same issues they did back in the day—specifically, email and technology best practices — otherwise known as etiquette.

That is why I’ve been writing about the topic of email etiquette for over 25 years. I plan to do so as long as folks continue to reach out.

It all began on my coaching and consulting website in 1995. That then turned into Online Netiquette dot com, and here we are as NetManners.com. Over that time, this site has grown and evolved into what it is today: pretty much a repository and archive of everything Email Etiquette.

After a couple of years, business onliners wanted a site just about “business email issues.” Enter BusinessEmailEitquette.com. Including my popular eBook on the topic that has been updated every year for over a decade.

Some email asking, “who do I think I am,” telling folks what to do with their email? Well, I am simply someone trying to help others by sharing my experience and by championing the topic of Email Etiquette well before many were even online.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find the information you seek. If not, reach out and tell me what you’d like me to write about.

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Judith: Miss eManners

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