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Forwarding of Personal E-mails

A site visitor writes:

How do you recommend I handle a good friend who forwards my personal emails to her about my life to her friend at work without asking me. Am I in the wrong to be upset? Is this good friendship practice or am I being too critical?

Believe me, you are not wrong or being too critical! Your “friend” is inconsiderate and is an email gossip. As far as a good friendship practice, I have to wonder if this is a person worthy of being called your friend? Otherwise, why would she share your personal details with someone you do not know and without your permission?

How to Handle Personal E-mail Forwarding

I would let her know you are aware of her behavior and send her a link to this article: E-mail Forwarding Reflects on You! At the same time ask her what were her reasons for doing this. Her answer will let you know if she warrants your further trust.

Make it clear that you are disappointed that she is forwarding your personal email to strangers because that’s just not how true friends behave. You’ll also want to clarify the fact that you consider email between the two of you as private conversations.

Sadly it would be wise to withhold personal details in any future emails as she has proven she cannot be trusted.

‘It was a mistake,’ you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.
~ David Levithan

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