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Email Etiquette for Students

Teaching Students Email Etiquette

Is email etiquette important for students? When should guidance start — elementary, middle school, high school or college?

When you drill down, email is simply written communications. Learning how to write properly, coherently and with proper grammar starts in elementary school. As does computer use.

Then it makes sense that the sooner students, at any age, in any school, learn the basics of email etiquette, is simply a smart thing to do right?

As with anything that has to do with prepping for life and future success, email is now a part of that. The sooner habits are practiced, the more they stick and become natural.

Email Etiquette = Education

Being technology is not part of our lives in almost everything we do, teachers and students should be just as interested in making sure they use technology properly. The younger we start the more basic the tips can be. Some examples I can think of…

Elementary School

  • Using proper sentence structure.
  • Spell checking.
  • Privacy: for both the student and recipients.

Middle School

  • Thinking before clicking Send.
  • What to share — and not share.
  • Basic courtesies in email and texting.

High School

  • When to email or text and when not to.
  • Not all communications are emojis or acronym based.
  • How to clearly communicate what you mean.


  • How grammar and approach can leave an impression.
  • How to use email for employment opportunities.
  • Portraying a serious intent and professional tone.

Parenting Includes Technology

The reality is schools now communicate with students and parents via email. What will the teacher responsible for determining grades think if no basic email etiquette is followed? (This goes for parents too!)101 Email Etiquette Tips

Speaking of parents, nothing is stopping you from exposing your children to how to use technology properly — which includes using email in a way that sets them up for success. You do this by example and by providing applicable resources.

Children now have smart phones in middle school. Guidance on how to use that technology is now part of a parent’s responsibilities. How your children text or email others can make a big difference in how they, and you as a parent, are perceived.

If you are a student in high school or college, imagine how you will stand above the rest of the class by simply using technology properly and communicating as an educated adult. The doors that can open could be that edge you need to take advantage of new opportunities. Opportunities that you otherwise may not have been considered for.

Setup for Success

Email Etiquette orientation includes those still in school so they are best prepared for the digital world. While our culture is increasingly “you can do whatever you want” that shouldn’t include the life skills that can make a difference in attaining goals and prosperity.

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