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When to Follow Up on an E-mail?

Several times each week site visitors email me asking what would be the most appropriate “waiting period” to send a follow-up email to an email they sent that goes unanswered. These questions are prompted by not having received a response to an email that is important to them.

They fear being too pushing or demanding and are wondering why their email has yet to receive a response.

Most assume they are being purposefully ignored. To this I always caution to not jump to conclusions. There are so many reasons why one would not receive a response, the least of which the person simply may not check email as often as those sending to them.

  • Could your email have been spammy and therefore blocked?
  • Did you typo the address?
  • Is the person out-of-town; possibly on vacation?

The fact is some onliners are more lax and not responsive to emails or your attempt at a kind follow-up. However, in most cases my experience shows these folks are just busy doing other things and living their lives. Or they did reply and their email inadvertently landed in your trash. Always check your Junk or Trash folder to see if the response you seek is there before worrying about a lack of response!

I generally follow-up 2 days after my first email. If the topic is not that important I may do so 3 days or even a week later. I let my follow time-frame show the level of importance of the content within.

If all else fails pick up the phone and give them a call to find out what’s up! Convinced that the recipient is ignoring you? Move on to those who show the courtesy of a response when you email them. Those are the folks who are worth your time and energy.

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