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Email Forwarding Reflects on You

How You Email Reflects on Your Character

With every email that I send, I know that it can be forwarded to others without my knowledge. Even though most know that you should never forward an email sent to you to a third-party without the original Sender’s permission, the fact is people do it all the time.

This week I received two site visitor emails upset about the fact that someone they trusted, in this case friends, forwarded their emails to others without their knowledge.

But they found out after the fact. Someone who received those emails ratted-out the unscrupulous forwarder.

What You Forward and How, Speaks Volumes

  • If you forward one person’s email to another, in order to play one against the other, that’s called being manipulative. If you have questions for one person based on another person’s comments, type a new email with your concerns and address it to that person. Don’t forward without the other party’s knowledge with a “See what they said?” tone. That is unless you want your trust factor to take a hit.
  • If you forward personal emails from one friend to another without the original Sender’s permission to say “Can you believe this?”, you are a not a friend. Shame on you.
  • If you forward jokes, silly forwards, or political commentary to everyone in your address book simply because you want to — don’t. Can’t take the time to type a personal note to the person you are forwarding to because it applies to them? Then don’t bother forwarding. Your contacts will appreciate this extra effort.
  • If you forward without comment, you will be perceived as lazy and/or demanding. What do you think it says about a person who cannot take the time to type a Hello, add a brief instruction and/or a TIA? Bossy, narcissistic and discourteous?
  • If you forward emails that are not right for the work place and think that by putting NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the subject takes you off the hook — it doesn’t. Doing so shows you have no respect for your job, employer or that of whom you are sending to. Nice…
  • If you think those whose emails you forward will never find out, don’t count on it. Your forwards can be forwarded back to them without your knowledge. Paybacks a…

Every effort you make online, or feel is unnecessary to make, will determine what others think of you. Think very carefully about how, what, when and who you forward to.

Your reputation and relationships depend upon it.

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