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Why No Email Etiquette Training?

Importance of Email Etiquette Training

A study reflected that over 50% of businesses still do not offer email etiquette training. As a result, many employees, customer service reps, and business owners do their own thing. Some may not be conducive to building a positive brand and clarity in communications.

Many business owners and employees are unaware of business email etiquette, proper practices, and its importance. How would they know if they have not been exposed to these concepts?

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Businesses & Consumers Too

At the same time, we as consumers need to brush up on our email etiquette to be good customers and communicate with courtesy and clarity. Doing so makes everyone’s job easier!

When doing business, impressions are everything regardless of which side you are on (business or consumer), on or off-line. Think about it… off-line, you notice how they speak, what they wear, how they present themselves, and the quality of their business cards.

The very same applies online. For example, if you email in one-liners, do not spell check, do not use proper sentence structure, or lack basic grammar, how do you think that reflects on you and your business? How does that show what type of customer you may be if your email indicates that you can’t put a well-structured sentence together?

Not good, right? When it comes to email, impressions are everything.

Clarity? Professionalism?

I’ve worked with all kinds of professionals over the years. And, some come off less than positively simply because they are either unaware or choose not to practice proper Business Email Etiquette.

Some are to the point where their emails are so unprofessional I can’t imagine how those who don’t know what nice folks they are would consider doing business with them. But, the fact is how you communicate via email determines expertise, trust, and authority.

The reality is that email etiquette isn’t brain surgery. Instead, email etiquette is a set of basic skills we all need to be aware of and practice to ensure your business thrives using technology appropriately.

Why are folks so resistant to something that can do nothing but add a positive shine to their business?

Email etiquette is not something they have thought much about as part of their branding efforts. Yes, branding.

Everything you do related to your business can affect your branding, and how you email is part of that process. When it comes to email, how you communicate can impress and help to avoid misunderstandings.

Why do onliners continue contacting businesses with email communications that look like a grade-schooler composed the inquiry?

For customers who do not reflect a solid understanding of email etiquette, you expose what type of customer you may be. For example, are you a good customer — or one not worth catering to?

Don’t kid yourself. Businesses decide what emails to respond to and how — or not — every day.

Email to Impress

Work on your email skills to become the epitome of professionalism in your business emails — and, simultaneously, the customer that businesses hope to attract. Do not underestimate the importance and power of email etiquette — on both sides of the screen.

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