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No Opening Email Greeting or Courtesy Closing?

Email Greeting Etiquette

Some think that starting an email with a friendly greeting is trivial or unnecessary. Or, to include the recipient’s name and a closing statement is a waste of time.

Yes, email is informal. However, we still have to be mindful that the words we use and how we format them can make a difference, particularly regarding the perceived intent and tone.

Greetings and Closings Change the Tone

To make my point, I’ll show you how adding greetings and closings can make a difference. Here is an example email from someone who clearly does not understand how a greeting, clarity, and courtesy will impact their communications.

where is that site you mentioned

Hmmm… We talked about several sites. No “Hello,” proper sentence structure or courtesy involved. Just a statement of what the sender wants to get across.

Add a little courtesy…

Okay, let’s just add the basics…

Hey, Judith:

Where is that keyword site you mentioned? I can’t remember the URL…


Isn’t that better? Now, imagine if you took just a bit more time to be a clear and courteous communicator?

Hello, Judith:

Hope you are having a nice day!

I was wondering if you could send me the URL of that site you told me about that had that the resources I need to finish my keyword research. I just cannot remember the URL.

Thanks in advance for your time and patience!


What a vast difference in tone. The last example is courteous and clear about the sender’s request by providing the necessary details. Subsequently, I know they appreciate the extra effort I have to make on their behalf.

Can you see how the very same request with just a little bit of extra courtesy can leave a different perception? As a result, you make sure your communications are clear and welcomed by taking just a bit more time.

Little Efforts Make a Huge Difference

Don’t feel these little efforts are necessary for your day-to-day email activities? Those you email may cringe when they see your name in their inbox if that is the case.

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