List of E-mail Greetings and Closings?

A site visitor writes:

I struggle with e-mail closings, as well as greetings. You did address the need for a Hi, Hello, etc. in one of your e-mails, are there other appropriate salutations? I would also appreciate list of closures to choose from. Perhaps you could ask your readership for contributions to create a list?

I do have an article on my Web site for your review titled E-mail Sign-Off Considerations that you may find helpful. The article includes a healthy list of suggestions you can use.

As far as greetings, Hi, Hello, Howdy, G’Day and Dear — just about cover it all. I’ve encountered many a creative greeting and sign-off over the years. Too many to track or list, so I stick with the basics when giving advice on these topics.

Plus if you use something unique or different, it should be unique or different to you alone. Using another person’s unique sign-off or greeting that reflects their personality may not have the same perception if you use it. Your choice of e-mail greetings and closings should reflect the tone and formality of your e-mail as well as your personality!