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When Are Email Apologies Insincere?

“I apologize in advance…”? Have you ever experienced someone apologizing while they are doing the very thing they are apologizing for?

Is an email apology sincere if you are doing something you know could be a problem to start with but you’re doing it anyway — with your apologies?

“I’m sorry but…”

What prompted this little rant today was someone sending 8 Gigs of attachments while saying “I apologize if this fills up your inbox…” 8 Gigs? 8 Gigs!

They knew it could be be an issue. But did so anyway — with an apology. So everything is okay, right? Not so much.

By communicating in this matter this person actually make it clear that they had no concern whatsoever about filling up my inbox, using up my data allowance or any possible inconvenience that would cause. 8 Gigs! Their apology was moot and insincere.

For me that just smacks of “I’m going to do it anyway regardless because that’s what I want to do, but I’ll apologize just in case it causes an issue or you get upset.” What’s up with that?

It’s called thinking only of yourself. The fact is with email there are at least two parties involved.

When it comes to proper technology use, there seems to be a wide array of opinions on what is proper, correct or just a matter of courtesy. Mostly based on what folks are willing to do or not. There are those that feel Email Etiquette and proper technology use really do not matter and therefore assume they can safely disregard these topics.

Is email etiquette a choice?

Well, just like anything in life we make choices. It is a choice to use technology properly and to use technology with courtesy. What do you think it says about you to ignore proper use and courtesy because you make the conscious decision to do so?

A Word of Advice

If you want your apologies to be taken seriously, don’t apologize while you proceed to do what you are apologizing for! Courtesy never goes out of style and cannot be perceived as being there as you apologize while showing no concern for the person on the other side.

You’ll look like the self-centered person you are and your apology will fall on deaf ears.

There are guidelines and considerations for a reason. My tag line of “Using technology with knowledge, understanding and courtesy” stands for something. At least to me and the thousands of site visitors who let me know they feel the same way.

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