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Thank You Notes

Email Etiquette and Gratitude

The holidays are behind us once again. Phew! I don’t know about you but this year’s holidays seemed even more commercial than ever. After being sold to for months, at this time of year I am look forward to getting back into my regular predictable “plannable” schedule.

Thank You Note Time

As I always do I send out hand-written thank you notes to all who were kind enough to remember me and send me a gift. I am of the opinion that the effort you put into something shows your level of sincerity and in the case of thank you notes, gratitude. The next question becomes what about email thank you notes?

It all depends on the situation and the relationship you have or plan to have with the person you are thanking.

For example, when someone does something nice for me that is not expected or “above and beyond” the usual and customary, they get a personally written and addressed thank you note via old fashioned snail mail. Yes, I could send my thank you by email – I am in the technology business after all and that would make sense. But would that reflect my sincere gratitude as much as taking the time to purchase the card, write my note and address the envelope, pay the postage and send it off? Probably not…

If you haven’t already, get some note cards and get those thank yous out!

Special Events and Thank You Cards

What about those special events? Graduation, weddings, showers — are email thank yous adequate? Again, I don’t think so. E-mail takes very little time/cost to send. When it comes to special events where those who care about you took the time to do something nice or buy that thoughtful gift, adequate is simply not adequate. Actually, to some it may appear you took the lazy way out.

Imagine how folks will feel when they get your handwritten card, addressed in your writing with a nice note of gratitude within? That you are sincerely thankful! And that my friends is what thank you notes are really about, right?

Sometimes a short email saying “thank you” may be appropriate for those online only friends but clearly there are times when only a handwritten and addressed card will do. You know when that is.

My note of gratitude…

Last time I posted I put up a quick survey and asked you for your thoughts and comments. The response was overwhelming! I received a ton of good ideas and comments that really makes all the effort worthwhile. I’ve now have a bunch of great ideas to look into and consider implementing in the year ahead.

One of the questions I asked was about starting a private Facebook group for all of you to be able to discuss online etiquette, manners and proper technology use. The response was pretty clear — you would like such a venue but not on Facebook. Which was a relief for me as I’m not a fan of Facebook — at all. But if my loyal readers wanted to go there I would have given it a shot. Instead I’m considering integrating a discussion forum up here on [email protected] I’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, I’m going to run a little experiment. New posts will now be open to comments for 15 days! So now you have the opportunity to ask questions, provide input and share your experiences. You’ll see the little LEAVE A REPLY box below each post.

I used to allow comments many years ago but grew weary of the spammers and troublemakers who had nothing positive to contribute. So over a decade ago I shut them down. Let’s see if this time will be different. Before you reply to any posts, be sure to review my Comment Policy so we are on the same page, okay? I look forward to your comments!

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