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I am Not Your Friend…

The other day I remembered I had gone through my email accounts junk folders so I took some time to do so. You want to make a point of reviewing your junk/trash folders to look for misidentified legit emails that land there in error which happens all the time. I’ve never checked my junk folder and not found a legitimate email or two.

This is something I admit I forget to do as much as I should. I’ve been swamped and literally lost track of time which cause me to have to send out several humble apologies for lack of a prompt response.

TIP: Because I didn’t practice what I preach, and to make sure I keep on top of this moving forward, I’ve added a reminder on my Google calendar to check my junk folders on the server every Friday.

Because I had neglected to do so for almost a month there were close to 500 junk mails in each of my accounts. That meant I had to weed through them, clear the ones that were okay, and delete those that were in fact spam

What surprised me is that spam hasn’t changed all that much in the decades I’ve been emailing. Still the same old male enhancement, get rich quick and faux account alerts made to look like companies you do business with asking you to click on links and update your account. (Don’t do it!)

Beside that, what stood out were the unending number of spam addressing me as “Dear Friend”. Do those who send these emails actually think that by addressing complete strangers with information on their scams as “Dear Friend” that in some way endears them to us or makes their pitch more palatable? Maybe to some. They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

Spam Detection Tips

The fact spam tactics haven’t change all that much tells me that those tactics still produce. Time would not be spent sending emails like that unless a certain percentage paid off. So that being the case, here are some links for you to brush up on your spam detection skills:

So mark your calendars to check your junk folders and… choose your friends wisely.

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