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Dear Return Receipt Abuser

Dear RRA:

I am writing this open letter so that maybe, just maybe, the discussions and requests we have had thus far may be taken more seriously.

The RR or Return Receipt feature in your email program is frivolous. Being the recipient, I can decline/disregard the request for a return receipt as I do for every request I get. What’s the point?

I do not particularly appreciate you wanting to know when I opened or received your email — that is my business. Especially when it comes to day-to-day communications. Note I said opened/received. Your RR does not mean that I’ve read your message.

Why do you include an RR request with every single email you send? Are you trying to babysit the person on the other side? Is it curiosity or just being nosy?

Back in the day, RRs could serve a purpose on important and legal emails where it was critical to know the other side received the email. However, today, when most simply decline these requests, know you are being more of a nuisance and risk being annoying by having this feature engaged for your every day communications.

Especially after being asked to stop.

I am open to understanding why you continue to engage RRs on every single email you send. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Judith WordPress Consultant and Business Coach
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