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When to Expect an Email Reply?

How soon should you expect a reply to an email?

Should you send another email if the first isn’t responded to? Should you pick up the phone and call, or send a text? Yeah, do that if you want to be really annoying! If the issue was that important you should have placed a phone call in the first place.

Fast is Not Fast Enough

I’ve had the above happen to me when I didn’t respond to an email within 30 minutes. 30 minutes! Not everyone is checking their email every 5 minutes or available to respond to them as quick as many folks would prefer.

Okay, let’s get this out there — we aren’t talking about business email response time.
Onliners should make an effort to respond to their personal incoming email within at least a day no more than two. Promptly responding to email is simply the courteous thing to do.

Keep In Mind…

When it comes to personal emails, keep in mind that sometimes people are busy, away on a trip or vacation, have computer problems or possibly your email got mixed up in the spam they received and was accidentally deleted. If you are on @yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail — whitelist your contacts and check your junk/trash folders. Freebie email services are notorious for misidentifying spam. The responses you are looking for could be one of them and the reason for no response.

On the other hand, what if you do something spammy and your email went into their junk/trash? Things such as having no text in the Subject: field, embedding graphics or typing with all kinds of formatting, you could trip some spam filters and your email will be misidentified as spam. They can’t respond to emails that are not in their inbox!

When Should I Follow Up?

When to send another follow up is up to your discretion and the situation. If it is to someone you know is online all the time, send a follow up the next day asking if everything is okay to show your concern rather than accusing them of ignoring you as so many jump to do. ? Sending a quick “just checking in” to see if they received your email should hopefully get you the response you are seeking.

Still not sure what to do? In my archives I have a slew of articles about email etiquette response time for your reference.

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