No Name? Then You ARE a Nobody!

E-mail Etiquette includes displaying your name in the From: field settings of your email program. Because you can email in anonymity doesn’t mean you should. Not only is it rude; it makes one wonder why you do not have the intestinal fortitude to back up your questions, comments or claims by identifying yourself.

Needless to say, I’m pretty visible online. I have a bunch of sites and therefore am more exposed than most to those who have no manners, courtesy and way too much time on their hands. I shake my head at some of the emails that these incognito emailers actually take their time to send.? How sad for them that this is how the choose to spend their time while making it clear to perfect strangers how irrelevant, unintelligent and ignorant they really are.

Let’s be clear here. I enjoy debate — that is one of the neat things about being online is the sharing of different points of view and opinions.Viewpoints you may otherwise never have been exposed to. But you need to know that if you don’t have your name (not a handle or acronym) in the From field (or you do not input your proper name in the name field of a contact form) and/or if you do not take the time to type your name at the end of your message — you should not expect a response. Nor should you expect to be taken seriously.

I respond to every emailer who contacts me in a courteous manner, whether they agree with me or not is moot. However, I do not respond to sarcastic comments, digs (and threats) and callow statements by those who apparently don’t have the maturity to communicate as an adult. I simply don’t have time for those who behave in such a puerile manner.

Many onliners I communicate share with me that they feel the same way.? More than a few have stated that they simply delete emails where the sender cannot communicate as an adult. If it isn’t worth your time to identify yourself and type as those you have a basic education, don’t expect busy professionals to take the time to answer your emails. They simply won’t.

E-mail is all about perception folks. Act like a limp-wristed bully and that’s how you will be viewed. Communicate as though you are illiterate with no manners or courtesy — and that’s exactly what those on the other side will think of you.

Don’t identify yourself or sign you name in your emails; then you will be seen as the nobody you reflect yourself to be.

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