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Personal Autoresponder Away Message Tips

Autoresponder Away Message Tips

Email autoresponders, also known as automatic replies or away/vacation messages are messages that the server automatically sends out to the address of every incoming email. In many cases autoresponders are often used without a complete understanding of how and when to use them.

While this email tool has many practical and useful applications, there are also times when using an autoresponder is not recommended. Here are some tips for your personal away messages. (For business autoresponder etiquette tips, I have a site for that!)

Five Easy Personal Autoresponder Tips

  1. Once you activate your autoresponder, write yourself a note to disengage the autoresponder so it is one of the first things you do when upon your return.
  2. Include a greeting and a closing with your name so senders know they sent to the correct person.
  3. Do not provide specific locations or details that may indicate where you are or why you aren’t available. No need to provide exact dates — that could tell those you don’t know too well that your home will be unattended. Think personal security.
  4. If you have subscriptions to email lists, forums, discussion boards consider not using an autoresponder. Virtual loops can be created that can create literally thousands of back and forth emails. Create a list, unsub then resub when you return.
  5. Moving foward use a different email address just for subscribing to email lists, forums, blogs or discussion boards. Then you can easily use autoresponders or away messagges on your primary address without worry. And you will minimize your email load upon your resturn.

Tools Used Properly

Autoresponders are a great tool and when used appropriately. autoresponders can help keep others informed while freeing you up to do other things. Keep these issues in mind so that when you use autoresponders, they are viewed as more of a benefit than an annoyance.

For more on Business Email Etiquette topics, check out my other site, BusinessEmailEtiquette.com!

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