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3 Simple E-mail Etiquette Tips to Impress

E-mail etiquette is basically a courtesy thing — the ability to think about how your actions and words will be perceived by the other side. Some make the mistake thinking email is the same as texting or IM. It isn’t. How you email reflects your level of education and ability to communicate with the written word.

Some will say they don’t care what others think. I can understand that in certain situations but in most cases it behooves all of us to be viewed as courteous and educated. While with family and friends informality can prevail and not have a negative impact, with folks who do not yet know what a great person you are, lack of basic courtesies can leave a poor impression. And that first impression many times is lasting.

So if you were to start right now and you could do just 3 simple things to help improve how you are perceived by email, would you?

3 E-mail Etiquette Tips to Put to Work Right Now!

  1. Always use a greeting and closing: Hey, Hello, Thank you, Take care.
  2. Type in full sentences using proper structure and grammar.
  3. Spell-check then spell-check again.

Are the above 3 tips the end all be all? Of course not! But for those who want to make sure they are a pleasure to communicate with these tips will get you off to a running start.

Hungry for more?

I have an entire E-mail Etiquette 101 online 24/7 for those who want to learn the ins and outs of proper email use. The “101” covers the above 3 tips in much more detail so you can be aware of what I call the “e-nuances” of communicating with the written word.

Truth be told, learning to write succinct emails is a skill that requires your commitment to continually work at — this is writing after all! From choosing your words carefully, to relaying the desired intent and tone, to formatting your message so it is readable and taken seriously. All skills each and every one of us has to work at to improve our communication skills.

If you start with just these three tips (everyone has to start somewhere) when communicating with new contacts and potential friends, you’ll be surprised how quickly your relationships will form to be those both sides will value.

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