Is it Bad Netiquette to Correct Others E-mail Etiquette?

A site visitor was curious and pondered:

“Is it bad netiquette to “correct” others’ netiquette? I did so recently, as politely as possible, and tried to explain this to two of my friends, who either didn’t understand or chose to ignore it, as they continue to do the same thing. Do I give up on them?”

We now live in a culture that isn’t really open to corrections or constructive criticism. When you correct others no matter how polite, kind or gentle your corrections may be, many will get upset or ignore you.

This contributes to not exposing some onliners to the fact that they still have new stuff to learn. Our culture is one that has promoted the “do what you want, when you want” mentality, without accountability or consideration for others for some time now.

That said, I do not let that stop me. That’s why I’ve written about this topic for close to two decades now. I’ve been promoting Netiquette and E-mail Etiquette much to the chagrin of some who feel I am telling them what to do. When, in fact, if I am telling anyone to do anything, it is to make the effort to have enough knowledge to understand the technology you are participating in so that you can use it with courtesy for the person(s) on the other side.

If you think about it; that’s all E-mail Etiquette is. E-mail is not about one person, it’s about at least two — the Sender and the Recipient. And, just like anything in life, if you run around without thought for others there will be ramifications. Whether you like being knowledgeable and courteous or not, is moot. The outcome will be less than positive based on your decision to ignore proper practices, your education and the desire to be courteous.

So, I hope you don’t give up!? It is folks like you who help others learn by making them aware of information they may not have been exposed to yet. ? What you can to is send them a link to any of my sites or Blogs and let them read and learn for themselves about the importance of all the issues we discuss here. In other words, let me be the “bad guy”.

Hopefully, by being exposed to more information, they’ll make the effort required to “use technology with knowledge, understanding and courtesy.” One can hope…

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