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Stop Forwarding Me Emails!

The topic of unwanted forwarded emails is one which I get contacted about all the time. This week three requests on the topic.

Please advise a nice way of asking them to stop forwarding me all those [jokes, political commentary, feel good, chain] emails.

Everyone knows a nice way — saying please, thank you, appreciate your understanding type comments will always work. This situation is amplified due to all the political commentary being forwarded around as if that will change minds or to make a point. It won’t. If you care about your relationships, forwarding is not a prudent approach.

Nice Guys Finish Last

What these folks instinctively know is that by making that request, someone may get hurt feelings. And 9 out of 10 times that is exactly what happens. Many habitual forwarders actually think they are being thoughtful when in fact they are reflecting a bit of virtue signalling.

Look at me — I’m thinking of you! Aren’t I nice?

Yeah, they are thinking of you and I guess that’s nice. The thing is most forwards are regurgitated memes we’ve all seen before. Many forwards aren’t all that unique. Some of which are even hoaxes! But it would help if they forwarded properly which includes a nice comment to you about why they are forwarding that specific email to you, right?

By taking the time to send a note with the forward, you aren’t just mass forwarding already seen emails. Most folks will not get frustrated with forwards when this extra step is taken. Probably because by having to take this extra step irresponsible forwarders wouldn’t forward so much!

So there’s the conundrum.

I’ll be the “bad guy”!

No matter how kind you are, no matter how gentle, no matter how carefully you choose your words when making such a request, there are those that will get hurt feelings. Some may even react viscerally because they will think you are telling them what to do. Especially on sensitive topics they think you need to know about.

So, to help folks out, I’ve got an article that you can send the forwarders in your life to. Let me be the “bad guy”! How do I ask someone to stop forwarding me all those silly emails?

Use the “Share! ;)” links below to send a message to the out of control forwarders you would like to inform or add to your favorite social sites.

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