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ALL CAPS vs. all lower case

Typing in all small case or all caps contributes to making your email more difficult to read.

A site visitor writes:

I actually just wanted to make a suggestion for the folks who use caps lock because they are unwilling to use the shift key: just leave your whole message in lowercase. It may look a little “casual,” but most people will still prefer it over all caps. Just a thought.

Hmmm… I guess if you have a choice, most would prefer all lower case to all caps. However, unless you are handicapped or visually impaired, there really is no reason to not capitalize sentences properly.

That’s what educated folks do.

Is it really that difficult?

Is hitting the shift key really too much effort to make? For those who are not proficient at typing I get that — but no time like the present to get in the habit of hitting the shift key.

While it does not come naturally at first and may seem like having to hit the shift key is a PIA, time to step up. In the long run you will be taken more seriously by making this effort. With the benefit of your messages being easier to read.

Typing in full sentences with proper case, not only reflects positively on you but also makes your messages easier to understand. When you read, subconsciously you are looking for the indication of where a sentence starts and ends via case and punctuation.

So just make the effort to use that shift key and get in the habit. Before you know it you won’t be giving that shift key an extra thought.


For those who are unable to use the shift key due to heath or disability reasons, add a little note as part of your signature file that is appended to every email. For example:

Jane Doe

P.S. Please excuse my typing in all lower case. My arthritis is such that hitting the shift key is unbearable. Thank you for your understanding…

Simply communicating why you do certain things can make all the difference in the world. Not wanting to take the time to communicate properly, however, is not a very good excuse.

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