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Top 10 Scariest Email “Boo-Boos”!

Updated every year for your screaming pleasure!

Because around Halloween so many are being scary, screaming and acting like someone or something else, what a perfect time to write about the….

<insert scary organ music here>

The Top 10 Scariest Email “Boo-Boos”!!

  1. Not capitalizing your name properly. Are you dressed up as a grade-schooler for Halloween?
  2. Not including a pleasant greeting and closing in every email. Only Zombies type that way!
  3. No excuse for typos — unless you have brain damage like Frankenstein.
  4. Bolding selected type or changing the font color to red provides emphasis — strong emphasis. Unless you are a vampire that loves the color red, ditch the emphasis and choose your words more carefully instead.
  5. Not responding promptly to those who email you. You’ll make people think you are a ghost or figment of their imagination.
  6. Not replying at all. Have you not yet risen from the dead?
  7. Attaching files the size of the Blob without notice. Ask first!
  8. Not taking the time to thank those who have helped you online. Unless your hands are wrapped like a Mummy, thank yous are always appreciated.
  9. Sending rude emails screaming like a Banshee without all the facts while you hide behind this screen like a phantom in the night.
  10. And, the #1 Scariest Email Boo-Boo is…
    Assuming none of these issues matter and that you can do what you want just because you can. (That only works if you are a demon!) Perception is the only reality online. With every email is the opportunity to make sure you offer an educated and courteous message. Unless you are dressing up as a ghoul this Halloween!


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