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How to Improve Your Email Etiquette

For each week’s post, I choose a topic I am asked about or that I notice onliners are struggling with. (You can let me know your questions here.)

The past couple of weeks, in working with clients as well as responding to site inquiries, the topic of improving email skills kept rising to the surface. What do I recommend you do if you want to improve your email etiquette? What is the easiest approach?

First and foremost, work on your writing skills. That is the bottom line basis for communicating via email effectively.

Three Camps of Emailers

  1. Those who probably know they should put more effort into honing their email communication skills but really don’t think further than that.
  2. You are considering how to improve your email etiquette skills but are only up for fast and easy tips.
  3. You are willing to read, learn and apply to make the changes you know need to be made to improve your skills.

The above scenarios seem to apply to a lot of topics now-a-days, right?

1. You have an inkling but…

You keep on key-stroking along communicating as you always do. No greetings, sign-offs, proper sentences structure. It’s only email after all.

Formality and professionalism in your day-to-day email communications doesn’t come as much into play as it does in your business communications. However, communicating with clarity all the time, using best practices, does help to avoid misunderstandings.

This site is about everyday email etiquette. The basic courtesies that serve no other purpose but to help you to be a pleasure to communicate with and be viewed as a courteous and knowledgeable communicator.

For those with an inkling but no motivation to take action, the information on this site is here when they are ready to take that next step. Usually that action is proceeded by a situation that caused them to re-look and have a proactive approach to avoid another misunderstanding, relationship issue or not receiving the desired responses.

If you have an inkling, start here.

2. Make it fast and easy…

We live in an era of fast, easy tips and solutions. This site includes the basics you can look up and apply as issues arise. But the thing is, what email etiquette really is, is about integrating best practices consistently and working to improve your communication skills with the written word.

All the easy tips in the world aren’t going to magically improve your skills unless you are willing to apply them all the time. It’s an ongoing effort. Not just in certain situations. The more you apply the tips, they become a habit. That’s how you build skills. And you get to enjoy being perceived positively as a result.

Want fast and easy tips, go here.

3. I’ll do what I have to do…

To succeed in life, you need skills. You can acquire them on your own, by reading books, taking courses, going to seminars. Those who are most successful in life embrace the knowledge and skill sets they have identified as being necessary to what they want to achieve.

They have almost an insatiable desire to learn and be the best they can be. Because they know there is no downside to that approach.

Email is part of everything we do now. From everyday communications, that include those you do want to impress. To our pre-employement and opportunity communications that can make all the difference in future outcomes.

For those serious about email etiquette, start here.

Which camp are you in?

The fact you have read this far let’s me know you are probably #3. We are surrounded with technology and email is now part of our daily lives. You want to be the best you can be at something so integral, so impactful in so many ways, right? Of course you do.

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