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When to Send a “Thank You!” Email

Thank You emails are very important -- here's why!

This week, I received an inquiry about those “silly Thank-You emails” and how to stop them. Who would have thought that anyone would complain about being thanked?

Well, it’s happening — more often than you may think. Twice in the last month.

As I’ve written, I always welcome “silly Thank You emails.” Thank you emails tell me that the Sender appreciates my time helping out.

So, when do you send a “Thank You!” email?

  • When you send an email asking questions, you need the person on the other side to stop what they are doing and offer you the answers you seek. To guarantee your future requests are answered, an excellent “I appreciate your (answer, time, advice). Thank you!” goes a long way.
  • When you send an email asking someone to do something for you, you may not want to spend the time figuring it out yourself. When someone picks up the slack on your behalf, a quick “Thank so much for taking the time to help me out!” is the right thing to do.
  • For newsletters or updates you receive and appreciate, a quick “Thank You” email works wonders to let the Sender know to keep plugging away.
  • When you are on a chat, the agent takes care of any issues that need resolution. Know they will appreciate a “Thank you and have a nice day!” before clicking “end chat.”
  • Did you send a curt, blunt, or demanding email asking for help because you were frustrated? A thank you email will increase the chance that they won’t cringe the next time they see your name in their inbox.
  • Anytime, anywhere that another onliner takes the time, makes the time to help, persuade, humor, or offer aid is the time to send a “Thank You!” email.

Gratitude is Common Courtesy

It is a sad commentary on how few take the time to show gratitude for those who help them out. Those are probably the same folks who complain about the “incessant thank-you” emails out there.

It only takes a minute or two, and the results are immeasurable. So, how do thank you emails make you feel? Appreciated, right?

Think about the folks who help you through emails, forums, or groups. Why not take a moment right now and send them an unexpected thank you? Guaranteed you’ll make their day!

My readers are fantastic, and I do get regular thank yous. Those little emails always put a smile on my face. They let me know my efforts on the thankless job of promoting proper Email Etiquette are worth every keystroke.

And for that, I Thank You!

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