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Do You Send Emails with Blank Subject Fields?

Always use a subject field to not be spammy.

We all agree we are sick and tired of spam, right? But, even with the most excellent spam filters, we still have to review our spam/junk folders to find those legit messages that get caught in the spam trap.

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Once each day, I go through my spam folder, mark spam as junk and move the others to their appropriate folder. If I don’t have the discipline to do this daily, the volume builds and becomes unmanageable. In addition, I risk deleting legit emails that got caught in spam filters if I delete all junk at once.

I admit I open some spammy emails because curiosity gets the best of me. Just to see what they are up to. And I can see why some folks fall for these tricks and scams. However, some of these emails look legit and are great at spoofing companies we all do business with.

No Subject = Spammer

Mostly, I do not open emails where the Subject field is blank unless I immediately recognize the sender. This is because most non-subjected emails are spam.

Not having a Subject makes you look spammy and generally will have your email end up in the junk folder misidentified as spam. Don’t expect recipients to have time to open subjectless emails to double-check.

Opening the email in itself is not risky. The risk is clicking on any attachments or links within — don’t do it.

Recently, I had several subject-less emails arrive in my spam folder. When I kindly let those who sent me the emails know that they should always use a Subject so they don’t look spammy, two of the three didn’t appreciate my advice.

One stated:

if you were up as late as me – you would be too tired to think of a subject too…
No Netiquette Contact

If you are that tired – go to bed and email folks in the morning. Otherwise, you risk spam filters sending your email (to me or anyone else) to spam/junk without being read.

The other gave me a hard time and told me that I am “too into Netiquette.” Hmmm….. too late – I’m a member of Netiquette Anonymous – the group of folks who want to help everyone be aware of how their use of technology can help or hinder them. I can’t help myself! (There is no NA — just kidding. But I do admit I am into Netiquette.)

The third was very friendly and thanked me because they didn’t know that not including a Subject could mean their email would not be read. So one out of three ain’t bad.

Always Create a Fitting Subject

The Subject field is an integral part of every email you send. Take the time to create a relevant short phrase that applies to each email you send. Don’t be spammy.

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