Do You Send E-mails with Blank Subject Fields?

We all agree we are sick and tired of spam, right? Even with the greatest spam filters, we still have to review our spam/junk folders to find those legit messages that get caught in the spam trap. (Check out my article Simple Tips on How to Deal with Spam.)

Once each day I go through my spam folder, mark those that are spam as junk and move the others to their appropriate folder. If I don’t have the discipline to do this every day the volume builds and gets unmanageable. I have probably deleted legit emails that got caught in spam filters when I deleted all junk at once.

I admit I do open some spammy emails because curiosity gets the best of me. Just to see what they are up to. And I can see why some folks fall for these tricks and scams. Some of these emails look professional and are great at spoofing companies we all do business with!

No Subject = Spammer

For the most part, I do not open emails where the Subject: field is blank unless I immediately recognize the Sender. Most non-subjected emails are spam. Not having a Subject: therefore makes you look spammy and generally will have your email end up in my junk folder misidentified as spam. I get so many emails I just don’t have time to open them all to double-check.

Opening the email in of itself is not risky. The risk is clicking on any links within — just don’t do it.

Recently, I had several subject-less emails arrive in my spam folder. When I kindly let those who sent me the emails know that they should always use a Subject so they don’t look spammy, well, 2 of the 3 didn’t appreciate my advice.

One stated:

if you were up as late as me – you would be too tired to think of a subject too…

If you are that tired – go to bed and email folks in the morning. Otherwise, you risk spam filters sending your email (to me or anyone else) to spam/junk without being read.

The other gave me a hard time and told me that I am “too into Netiquette.” Hmmm….. too late – I’m a member of Netiquette Anonymous – the group of folks who just want to help everyone be aware of how their use of technology can help or hinder them. I can’t help myself! (There is no NA — just kidding. But I do admit I am into Netiquette.)

The third was actually very nice and thanked me because they didn’t know that not including a Subject could mean their email would not be read. One out of three ain’t bad!

Always Create a Fitting Subject

The Subject: field is a huge part of every email you send. Take the time to create a relevant phrase that applies to each email you send. Don’t be spammy!

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