Expectation of a Reply

A site visitor writes:

“If someone expects a reply to an email, should it be stated in the email? And, what about a general informative email that has been addressed to a large group for informational purposes?”

As far as stating you expect a response, not necessarily. When someone takes the time to e-mail another, common courtesy dictates that you respond on a timely basis. To not respond because the sender didn’t ask you to, can be perceived as you ignoring the them.

Now this certainly doesn’t apply to spam, forwarded chain letter e-mails or those e-mail that are from folks you don’t know.

Responding promptly, even if to just send a “Thank You” helps build relationships and avoid misunderstandings.

As far as informative mass e-mails, I would assume a reply is not expected if it is announcement type e-mail. The exception would be if you have specific issue with something in the e-mail that you feel the sender needs to be aware of. In that case, I would reply directly to the sender–and NOT Reply to All.