No Opening Greeting or Courtesy Closing

Too many think that starting an e-mail with a nice greeting is trivial or unnecessary. Or to include their name and a closing statement is a waste of time. Those who think that way, then probably wouldn’t mind if their e-mails come off as rude and bossy or even terse.

Let’s compare based on an actual e-mail received by yours truly. First, the e-mailer who feels greetings, clarity and courtesy are not necessary:

where is that ecard site

Hmmm… we talked about several sites. No “Hello”, proper sentence structure or courtesy involved — just a statement of what the sender wants to get across.

Just add a little courtesy…

Hello, Judith:

Hope you are having a nice day!

I was wondering if you could send me the URL of that site you told me about that had that funny birthday eCard. I just cannot remember the URL.


The second example was courteous, clear in their request providing the necessary details and signed off in a manner that makes one not mind having to repeat what was already discussed.

Can you see how the very same request can be perceived differently simply by taking the time to add some common courtesy? Just taking the time to do these little things will ensure your communications are welcomed.

If you don’t feel these minor efforts are necessary in your day to day e-mail activities, don’t be surprised if the other side cringes when they see your name in their in box.