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Are You a Chronic “MeMailer”?

Do you only think of yourself when it comes to email?

MeMail is all about the sender: their views, their photos, their discretion, and their personality.

The term MeMail makes a note of the narcissism inherent in our email activities. We are just thinking of “Me” and what we want to do or say at that moment in time.

I don’t care what you think unless
it is about me.
Kurt Cobain

Chronic MeMailers are honestly not aware of how their lack of knowledge can possibly affect the other side. Or how their actions (or lack thereof) may cause a negative perception.

There is No Me in Email!

Unfortunately, when faced with these facts, many a MeMailer I’ve run into have a visceral response to having these issues pointed out to them (“Online is a free-for-all,” I can do whatever I want!).

Many a MeMailer simply does not care to alter what they want to do out of courtesy for the other side or to leave a positive impression.

Are you a MeMailer?

Off the top of my head, here are a few things that can identify a chronic “MeMailer”:

  • MeMailers include signature files that have religious or political commentary without thought as to whether the recipient is of like mind. (In business email, this could be a deal-breaker).
  • MeMailers forward emails they think are funny or informative without comment. Sometimes many in a row as they get caught up on their email. Forward. Forward. Forward… Delete!
  • MeMailers embed graphics that are either too large, too controversial, or simply too personal.
  • MeMailers attach many large attachments without considering whether the recipient is even interested in the attachments, if they have the software to view them, or the data allowance to cover those downloads.
  • MeMailers blurt out their demands or questions without first typing a courteous greeting. They also don’t think to add a “Thank You!” in their closing and follow up with you for a response if you don’t reply immediately. Nor do they send a quick thank you email when you do respond to their terse request.
  • Spammers — large and small alike — are the biggest MeMailers of all. They cram their propaganda into your inbox or through your website form without consideration as to your interest or resources. Many insult your intelligence with the chicanery of their offers. (Who wants to do business with those who send commercial hoax emails that you did not specifically ask for?)

Courtesy Matters in Email Too

Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, of course, you can certainly do whatever you want in your email. But when doing so without thought or discretion as to whether the other side will appreciate your “style”, you will risk the perception that you are only capable of thinking of yourself.

Not good.

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