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  • Looking to improve your Business Email Etiquette skills?Business E-mail Etiquette eBook 2014 Edition

    Download the Updated 2014 Edition eBook: Only $4.95!

    For a comprehensive overview of the issues important to your email skills and doing business online, you can make a small investment in my eBook Business E-mail Etiquette eBook 2014 Edition. If you are one of those who still think that your email habits and practices do not affect your how your business is perceived — you need this eBook!

  • Business E-mail Etiquette | “THE MANUAL!”
    Business E-mail Etiquette Manual
    This book is exactly what it says — “The Manual!” on business e-mail etiquette best practices! Online, you may only have one chance to make that oh-so-important positive impression. With this book at your side you’ll shine above the rest (your perceived competitors) as a tech savvy professional who is comfortable and proficient in communicating via e-mail. If you own a business or are thinking of starting one, you need this book in your back pocket! Visit my Business Email Etiquette Blog too for more.

  • Email Etiquette Made EasyE-mail Etiquette Made Easy! Check out my book, written by request, to make Email Etiquette easy. You want easy? You’ve got it! My second book, Email Etiquette Made Easy! covers the basics I get asked about most through Simple tips and information to that you are perceived favorably and have a more enjoyable online experience.

    Great for schools, sales training curriculum, computer groups, new and old alike. It doesn’t get any easier than this folks! Get your copy today from the publisher or on Amazon. Easy!

  • Because Netiquette MattersBecause Netiquette Matters! Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics to Save Embarrassment and Be a Pleasure to Communicate With! Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use! This book covers it all! Available on Amazon: Because Netiquette Matters! Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to E-mail Etiquette and Proper Technology Use

    “It was inevitable that someone, somewhere was going to have to write a book about how to properly send emails. I am glad it was this one that made it through the ranks. It is very appropriate, timely and concise.”
    ~ Writer’s Digest Judge Commentary

    Great gift idea for the Newbies in your life!