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Imagine… You Can Practice E-mail Etiquette and Avoid Looking Inexperienced in Just 24 Hours!

If you like this Website, you’ll love E-mail Etiquette Made Easy! I’ve included everything folks love about my site and added more time-sensitive articles and how-tos. So you get all the basics you need and probably have wondered about in one little book — without all the techno-babble!

This book is truly E-mail Etiquette Made Easy and a great gift idea for:

  • Netrepreneurs just getting online to start their online enterprise. This book will get your feet wet and will help you to experience success and ROI. (Get my Business Email Etiquette eBook too.)
  • Teachers to recommend to their students. Regardless of age or grade, almost everyone can learn something about Netiquette and proper technology use from this book. And this book makes it easy. Especially children being given their first exposure to the technology that will determine their career success. Lack of E-mail Etiquette = opportunity lost. This book is written in an easy-to-understand format and terminology that makes learning about E-mail Etiquette ageless.
  • Mom and Dad – get to know about E-mail Etiquette so that you can be good cyber parents.
  • Gramps and Grams, Aunts and Uncles who are online and unsure of what they need to know or practice – get informed about E-mail Etiquette. This book can be a fantastic E-mail Etiquette guide for any seasoned citizen online or planning to do so.

Homeschool Email Etiquette

Make the best possible impression when you are online by adding this book to your online arsenal and get to be known as courteous and a joy to get to know and communicate with. Someone who practices proper Netiquette.

Get rid of the intimidation and frustration computers and online cause by using “E-mail Etiquette Made Easy!” as your guide. And if you still have questions, feel free to reach out, and I’ll answer your questions personally.

Remember, online, ignorance is not bliss, and perception is the only reality.

E-mail Etiquette Made Easy!

This one little book covers everything you need to know to get started. This is my second book and covers the basics I get asked about most through @ NetManners.com. Simple tips and information so that you are perceived favorably and have a more enjoyable online experience. Easy! 😉

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1: Hello E-mail!
Chapter  2: Who Needs E-mail Etiquette?
Chapter  3: The Basic Basics
Chapter  4: E-mail Software Tips
Chapter  5: Creating E-mails
Chapter  6: Are You Viewed as Rude?
Chapter  7: Avoid Looking Spammy
Chapter  8: Replying To E-mails
Chapter  9: Forwarding E-mails
Chapter 10: E-mail Privacy

Chapter 11: Ongoing E-mail Conversations
Chapter 12: E-mail Autoresponders
Chapter 13: E-mail Attachments
Chapter 14: E-mail Organization
Chapter 15: Undeliverable E-mails
Chapter 16: E-mail Whitelist Etiquette
Chapter 17: Handling Rude E-mails
Chapter 18: Acronyms
Chapter 19: Emoticons
Chapter 20: Glossary

Great for homeschoolers too.
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