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Top 3 Email Attachment Considerations

Email Attachment Tips and Considerations

Are you aware that there are a few important considerations before you send attachments via email? All too often folks just add attachments willy-nilly without understanding how their actions may impact those on the other side.

Think Before Attaching

More times than not we get so wrapped up in what we do at that moment in time that we do not stop and think. So we click that little paperclip icon without much thought.

  • Will the recipient want what we are attaching?
  • Do they have the software to open the file in the format we are sending?
  • What about data limitations?

Email etiquette is all about….

  • Knowledge: knowing technology well enough to use it properly.
  • Understanding: having an understanding about what we are doing and how it can impact others.
  • Courtesy: thinking of others above and beyond what we want to do at the moment.

This applies to attachments as well. Here are the Top 3 issues to think about when sending email attachments.

Email Attachment Tips

  1. File Size: Before sending any files, take the time to find their size. Compress or “zip” up multiple sends over 500K (500,000 bytes). Multiple attachments add up very quickly. We don’t want to use the other side’s possibly limited resources. Did you know photos off your phone are megs in size? Reduce the physical size of all photos down to 1000 x 1,000 pixels before sending by email. Don’t know how? Learn about online images.
  2. Attachment Format: You’ll never go wrong if you send your documents in PDF format. PDFs are not operating system or software specific. In addition, the reader software is now installed on most computers and is a free download. Another example, those who do not have Word or Excel software, may not be able to open files in those formats. It is a good idea to inquire what format is preferred so that you know what format to send.
  3. Ask First: Before sending any attachments, always ask the other side when would be the best time to do so. Then, be sure to send at that prearranged time. For business attachments, never send unannounced attachments after business hours when the other side may not be there to keep their inbox clear.

Reduce, Format and Ask

Now you know what to think about when adding attachments to your emails. Thinking about these three things first, will go a long way to you being perceived as tech savvy and a pleasure to communicate with.

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