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Why you need to include email greetings and closings.

How Email Greetings and Closings Make a Huge Impact

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Some think starting an email with a friendly greeting is trivial or unnecessary. Or, to include the recipient’s name and a closing statement is a waste of time, especially when…
Email Etiquette and Online Affair

Advice: Old Flame & Email Etiquette?

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In the past, I posted about break-up emails and if they were appropriate. Since then, I have been asked about specific personal relationship situations — and email etiquette. Here’s one…
Always apologize for computer virus infections that impact others.

Apologize if you’re infected!

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Should you apologize if you get an email virus or malware that starts sending out infected emails to all your friends and contacts? What about if a device gets hacked…
Undoing Emails to the wrong address.

HELP! I Sent an Email to the Wrong Person!

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Panicked onliners contact me quite regularly, asking for advice and help about what they should do after emailing the wrong person. “Can I get the email back?” Maybe. It depends…

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