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Email Attachment Tips and Considerations

Top 3 Email Attachment Considerations

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Many onliners do not realize the very important issues they need to consider before sending attachments via email. All too often folks just attach way without understanding how their actions may effect those on the other side.
Email and Your Friends Expectations

Living Up to Friend’s Email Expectations

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E-mail may be virtually instantaneous, but people are not. You know, there is this entire other off-line world filled with responsibilities and activities that take folks away from their monitors every once and awhile!
Live Chat Guidelines Consumers Should Follow

5 Live Chat Guidelines Consumers Should Practice

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With more folks that ever turning to online for, well, pretty much everything, we are increasingly taking advantage of live chat features. Consequently, there are some basics that we can…

8 Questions to See if You Are Viewed as Rude

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All too often otherwise nice folks come off as terse or plain old rude when it comes to their email habits. They don’t intentionally set out to be viewed as rude, well I guess some do, but for the most part I prefer to believe the majority do not.
Teaching children email etiquette.

A Note to Parents About Email Etiquette and Politeness

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Politeness is defined as “behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.” That’s pretty much email etiquette in a nutshell. “Respectful and considerate for other people” applies to everything….

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