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Holiday Email Etiquette

Don’t Fall Prey to Holiday e-Stress Syndrome

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The Holidays are in full swing! With that comes the pressure and stress of all the Holiday issues that hit us every year. Visiting in-laws and outlaws, entertaining details, gift buying, business and personal responsibilities colliding, Holiday cards and the list goes on.
How to avoid Holiday Hoaxes

Holiday Hoax Reminder

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As if 2020 can’t get any crazier, I’ve personally experienced more sophisticated hoax emails than years past. Many targeting the services and products we are all relying on due to…
Email Sign-off Importance

How Important are Email Sign-Offs?

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Your sign-off gives you the opportunity to ensure that the sentiment of your email is clear and not open to interpretation or the recipient’s speculation. Especially when making requests or in need of the other side’s assistance, a nice sign-off can enhance the potential of you receiving the type of response you desire.
Avoid sending condolences by email if possible.

Are Condolence Emails Acceptable?

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Recently I was asked if sending a condolence email is acceptable. As with most things, it depends on the circumstances. Condolence emails should be the last resort and only if…
Don't use sarcasm in emails

Stay Away from Sarcasm in Email

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Sarcasm is something that can easily cause misunderstandings in the off-line world. Online makes sarcasm even more difficult. You lose that eye contact, body language and tone of voice that…
Email Subject Field and Using All Caps?

What about ALL CAPS in the Subject: Field?

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When it comes to email, using all upper case/caps is frowned upon. The reason is two fold. Using all caps gives the impression that you are shouting or possibly making…

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