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Personal vacation away message email tips.

5 Personal Away Message Basics

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Some think away messages, also known as auto-responders, are only for business — not true. You can certainly have away messages for personal contacts so that folks do not assume…
Courtesy in Email Communications will ripple through your relationships.

No Email Response Can Be a Response

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Every so often I get emails that cause me to shake my head in disbelief. I read them and think that if someone spoke to me — in person, in…
Email Addresses Provide a Perception About You

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

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One tool that is critical to any online enterprise, especially for start ups or one-man-shops, is your email address. Your email address is what the recipient first sees when your email address lands in their inbox.
Email etiquette applies to both customers and customer service reps.

Email Etiquette, Customers and Customer Service

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Email Etiquette is not for customer service reps alone. It is also applies to those requesting customer service. Both sides have equal responsibility in ensuring the conversation concludes to their satisfaction.
Responding to Emotional Emails

Emotional Emails & Jumping to Conclusions

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Now more than ever, folks are stressed. Many have a shorter fuse, and emotions are running high. Because of this, making impulsive decisions at that moment when you are emailing…
Email tone is set by your choice of sign-offs.

No Sign-Off? No Big Deal?

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It’s common to whip off an email with a question or thought and click send. If you can send a text like that, why not an email? Well, let’s talk…

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