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Quick Tips for Ongoing Email Conversations

Quick Tips for Ongoing Email Conversations

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When email conversations, or threads, go on and on, they tend to shift in focus and even subject matter. So finding specific information amongst all those emails with the same…
Did you know email etiquette is global?

Email Etiquette is Global

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I have had inquiries about what is different regarding email etiquette in different countries. Being more folks are corresponding with others all over the globe, it is easy to understand…
Why you need to include email greetings and closings.

How Email Greetings and Closings Make a Huge Impact

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Some think starting an email with a friendly greeting is trivial or unnecessary. Or, to include the recipient’s name and a closing statement is a waste of time, especially when…
Email Etiquette and Online Affair

Advice: Old Flame & Email Etiquette?

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In the past, I posted about break-up emails and if they were appropriate. Since then, I have been asked about specific personal relationship situations — and email etiquette. Here’s one…

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