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How to Reach Out to Website Owners About Problems

How to Reach Out to Website Owners About Technical Problems

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Several times each week someone sends me an email where they are assuming something about me or one of my sites. Some of the assumptions are improperly accusatory while others are based on little to no knowledge in which to base the stated assumption.
Here's how to handle the aftermath of misspelling an email contact's name.

How to Handle Misspelled Names

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Several site visitors have written recently in regard to the incorrect spelling of their names by those who email them.
Think twice before increasing email font sizes.

Does Size Matter? Email & Font Sizes

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Does font size matter in emails? This topic comes up from time to time because folks wonder why someone would take the deliberate steps to increase font sizes. What if…
Don't hijack other's emails!

Do You Hijack Other’s Emails?

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If you do, stop it. A bad habit that seems to pop up every so often is replying to all the recipients of an email that was sent to you…
Why are you getting email bounce-backs?

Are You Getting Email Returns? Here’s Why…

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Ever have an email “bounce-back” and wonder why? There is a specific protocol in place to let you know when messages do not (for many reasons) make it to the…

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