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Don't assume gender in email. Here's how.

Assuming Gender in Email

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Well, you know what happens when you assume? It rarely works out well. Making assumptions is something brought up quite often when it comes to email. Assuming never leads to…
Yes, you need to capitalize your name -- all the time.

Yes, How You Type Your Name Matters!

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Your name is what identifies you; it’s who you are. So making a good impression (or not) can depend on something as minor as how you choose to type your…
How to avoid spammy subject fields in your email.

Email Tip: Avoid Spammy Subject Fields

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Legit emails land in my Junk/Trash box regularly. This led to the idea for a post offering you Subject field tips to help you avoid your emails from looking spammy….
Only email personal info with those you know you can trust.

Forwarding of Personal Emails

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You are not wrong or being too critical! But, sadly, it appears that your “friend” is inconsiderate and may be an email gossip. As far as a good friendship practice,…

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