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Email tone is set by your choice of sign-offs.

No Sign-Off? No Big Deal?

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It’s common to whip off an email with a question or thought and click send. If you can send a text like that, why not an email? Well, let’s talk…
Email Etiquette and Thank You Emails

Do I Have to Reply to Thank You Emails?

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This is one of the top three most asked questions. One I get asked quite a bit after the Holidays each year and then on and off throughout the year….
Holiday Email Etiquette

Don’t Fall Prey to Holiday e-Stress Syndrome

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The Holidays are in full swing! With that comes the pressure and stress of all the Holiday issues that hit us every year. Visiting in-laws and outlaws, entertaining details, gift buying, business and personal responsibilities colliding, Holiday cards and the list goes on.

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