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Time to Talk about Holiday E-mail Attachments

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This time of year gets crazy with attachments! Hosts sending large PDF invitations (or family update letters) to their guests and excited families sharing their holiday photo activities as they…

Are You Perceived as Terse?

Posted on
What many emailers do not realize is how easy it is to come off as blunt, terse or demanding. Even with your every day emails it is so very important…

Are You Being Blown-Off?

Posted on
How much time should go by before you assume you’ve been “blown off” and when (or if) should you send another message? Something I have to remind myself about is…

Dear Return Receipt Abuser

Posted on
Dear RRA: I am writing this open letter so that maybe, just maybe, the discussions and requests we have had thus far may be taken more seriously. The RR or…

Spammers Using Your E-mail Address?

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A site visitor was curious and pondered: I am receiving “Returned emails” that I never sent to begin with, yet it has my email address on it. Some of it…

Why No E-mail Etiquette Training?

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I read a recent study that reflected over 50% of businesses still do not offer any sort of E-mail Etiquette Training!? Many employees, customer service reps and business owners themselves…

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