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Spam Filtering Tips: Avoid the Downside of Spam Filters

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Even if you take all the steps or recommendations mentioned in the above articles there are still some obstacles we have to tackle when it comes to spam filtering. Spam filtering tools are still evolving and let’s face it are simply programs trying to determine based on known criteria what is spam or not.

E-mail Narcissism

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What is a Narcissist? A narcissist is defined as “someone in love with themselves”: nar?cis’sism: n Excessive love or admiration of oneself. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of…

3 Steps to Stop Scams and Virus Problems!

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Many do not update their virus programs (that is if they even have one in the first place) and they believe some of the most gratuitously ridiculous offers. That is as long as those “offers” insinuate easy riches with little effort or expense. To that end; there is your weakest link. The propensity to believe misinformation that caters to one’s inner desires.

With Email, First Impressions Happen!

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First impressions happen and you can control what they will be. By understanding the nuances of proper technology use and making the minuscule effort required to reflect knowledge, courtesy and understanding.

Providing Photos and Personal Information

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The one thing I have learned in my over 10 years of being online is that you cannot trust or believe folks you do not know- no matter how nice or sincere they may seem.

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