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How to give and take corrections with grace.

Give and Take Corrections with Grace

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Do you email websites when something isn’t working or when you see a typo? Or are you a site owner that receives corrective emails? Having been on both sides of…
Typing in all small case or all caps in your emails -- which or neither?

ALL CAPS vs. all lower case

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Visitors to this website can make suggestions and ask questions through my Ask an Email Etiquette page. This helps me cover your concerns, and, on occasion, I get to see…
When should you use BCc:?

Question: Is Using BCc: Polite?

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Did you know if a Sender puts addresses in the BCc: field of an email, there is no way for you to know that? How would you feel if you…
Why your email subject field will help your emails get opened.

Quick Personal Email Subject Field Tips

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In today’s environment we all get too many emails that we prefer to not receive. Many are spam, while others are from people who have found us that we prefer to not communicate with.
Using colors in email replies.

Changing Text Color in Email Replies

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Does anyone you communicate with change the text of their reply to a different color? If so, have you wondered why or maybe wanted to do the same but weren’t…

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