Don’t Kid Yourself — Greetings Matter!

Too busy to type a Hello or Hi? Do you think that it isn't necessary to include a brief greeting at the beginning of your e-mails? Then, know that you may be coming off as terse or curt. The little effort it takes to type a "Hey, John!", "Hi, Jane:" or a "Hello, Sally:" can make all the Continue reading

Showing Respect in E-mails

Too many assume a presumptuous informal tone in their e-mails by virtue of not making simple efforts in addressing, grammar, spelling and -- basically paying attention to details.    Yes, with those you know very well, you can probably get away with not paying attention to these details and be as Continue reading

Return Receipt (RR) Controversy

Return receipts (RRs) are a way of knowing that an e-mail has been opened on the recipient's computer. It does not however, mean they have read it. Do you have someone in your life who has this feature on for every single personal e-mail? I've found those are the folks that seem to want to know Continue reading