There is No “I” in Courtesy

When those who disagree with me on the concept of E-mail Etiquette send me an e-mail, there is always an abundance of "I"s. For example: "I prefer to..." "I think it is up to me..." "I do what I want when..." "I do it because..." "I think you are a..." News Flash!! Courtesy and manners Continue reading

Advise Your Expectations for a Reply

If a Sender expects a reply to an e-mail, should it be stated in the e-mail? "Please Respond....." or "I expect a response..." really isn't necessary.  Responses are expected and customary.  That is unless the Recipient is intentionally ignoring the Sender. When someone takes the time to e-mail Continue reading

How to Handle No Netiquette E-mailers

Some onliners are quite bold in the anonymity being behind this screen offers. Those who are uniformed with lack of attention to detail do not hesitate to spew their opinions that many times are not based in fact or reality. What do you do when you are the recipient of an e-mail with this Continue reading