Apology by E-mail?

"Is it O.K. to send an apology by e-mail, should you pick up the phone or should it be handwritten?" Apologies are never easy. Apologizing means you are admitting a fault, wrong decision, mistake or lack of proper judgement. It takes real character to admit when you are wrong. It takes a heap of Continue reading

Proper Use of Reply to All

How ironic that those who complain about how others use Reply to All also seem to be those who do not respect the privacy of their contacts by using the BCc: field! If you do not use the BCc: field or don't know where it is, that is no reason or excuse to include all your contact addresses Continue reading

Ban Opinionated Signature Files?

A concerned site visitor writes: I've read your section on netiquette as it pertains to sig files, but I wonder if you could give me your opinion on the following. On a music mailing-list I'm on, someone has, as a sig, a two sentence statement that is political in nature. At least it's only 2 Continue reading