Take Caution When Posting Your Holiday Plans

A little reminder posted for you each Holiday Season! At this time of year many folks make plans to go away for the Holidays or are using up vacation time which means they will not be available by e-mail or to participate in their social networks. So, we engage our vacation messages or away Continue reading

Top 10 Scariest Email “Boo-Boos”!

Updated every year for your screaming pleasure! Because around Halloween so many are being scary, screaming and acting like someone or something else, what a perfect time to write about the.... <insert scary organ music here> The Top 10 Scariest Email "Boo-Boos"!! Not capitalizing Continue reading

Don’t Kid Yourself: E-mail Etiquette = Courtesy

Recently, I've noticed a trend of incoming commentary pushing back against e-mail etiquette. From one-liner e-mails with no greetings: "...e-mail after all is only extended IM." Or, even comments about: "...why take the time to type all this ancillary 'nicey' stuff? Just type what you mean Continue reading