No Sign-Off? No Big Deal?

Your sign-off gives you the opportunity to wrap-up the tone and intent of your e-mail so that your message is clear and to make sure you leave a positive impression. When you don't sign your name you risk being perceived as abrupt or impersonal. Some have actually stated to me "What's the big Continue reading

“Dear John” E-mails?

Recently I received 2 emails asking me about getting a "Dear John" e-mail with the sender wondering how they should reply. In my opinion, no reply is necessary -- get on with your life.  Anyone who would treat you in that manner isn't worth a another moment or millisecond of your time.  I know Continue reading

No Name? Then You ARE a Nobody!

E-mail Etiquette includes displaying your name in the From: field settings of your e-mail program.  Because you can e-mail in anonymity doesn't mean you should.  Not only is it rude; it makes one wonder why you do not have the intestinal fortitude to back up your questions, comments or claims by Continue reading