Posting Commercial Links

A site visitor was curious and pondered: I posted a commercial link to several groups.  Seeing the majority of group posts lead to a commercial site, I presumed my action to be ok. The next day I received an email threatening to report me to my ISP and called me a f______ idiot. A second emailer Continue reading

3 E-mail Tips for Multiple Recipients

When it comes to e-mail conversations amongst a group folks, whether it be business e-mail or personal, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, think long and hard before clicking "Reply to All".  Unless "all" needs to be aware or cares about your comments -- which is usually Continue reading

Typing in Caps: “Are they yelling at me?”

Last week I was asked several times what typing in all caps meant. They were all from onliners on the receiving end of e-mail with only certain portions or phrases typed in all caps and weren't sure what the sender meant.  "Were they yelling at me?"  "Does typing in red caps mean more than Continue reading