E-mails Should Not be Manifestos

E-mail is not the venue for rambling random thoughts, your latest tirade or manifesto about whatever your brain sparks at the moment. Long e-mails, especially those without paragraph breaks every several sentences don't get read. They get scanned. I've even caught myself scanning instead of Continue reading

Are Your E-mails Tone Deaf?

Did you know there is a tone to every e-mail you send. Whether you know it or not the other side is assuming your tone based on what words you choose, how you use them, format them and your choice of punctuation. It seems that quite a few folks neglect to take their e-mail tone into Continue reading

Old Flame & E-mail Etiquette?

A concerned site visitor writes:I have a question about e-mail etiquette I am hoping you can help me with. To make a long story short, an old boyfriend found me on the Internet. He is married but not happily (so he says), I am widowed. He arranged for me to meet him at a resort, paying for Continue reading