NSFW = Not Safe For Work?

I was interviewed recently on my view in regard to the use of the acronym NSFW. Apparently some felt that an acronym noting "Not Safe For Work", is necessary when sending e-mail to those they knew were at work to warn them that the content or links contained within were of a questionable nature and Continue reading

When Not to Add to Your Mailing List

Whether it be personal or business oriented, your mailing list of e-mail addresses that you use to send mass e-mails to has to be managed carefully, respectfully and with courtesy. Because you communicate briefly with a new acquaintance on a forum doesn't mean you automatically add them to your Continue reading

Why Was Netiquette Invented?

This week a site visitor e-mailed asking why I felt the "need" to invent Netiquette (giving me way too much credit) and who was I to tell anyone what to do. I'm not "telling anyone what to do." I am making suggestions on how to use technology properly while integrating a bit of courtesy along the Continue reading