Avoid “To Whom it May Concern…”

I get a e-mails all the time through NetManners.com and TheIStudio.com sites addressed "To Whom It May Concern." For the most part my sites are so me with a photo of yours truly on the About page. Which is one click away from any page in each site. At both sites with one click you would know Continue reading

Is Cc: Enough to Forward to Others?

What is proper E-mail Etiquette when forwarding personal e-mails sent to you to a third party? By Cc:ing the Sender when you forward their e-mail make it "O.K."? No, it does not! That e-mail was sent to you for your eyes only! Whether it be a business or personal e-mail common courtesy would Continue reading

What the Heck is Lurking?

Lurking is the online term for staying in the background and watching before participating. Sounds sneaky, right? It really isn't! Why should you be a lurker? When this gig started it was only about community, and it still is with more of a commercial slant. You probably frequent Continue reading