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You want to receive responses to your emails? Use Email Etiquette!

No Email Etiquette; No Response

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With each passing day our email communications are becoming even more part of our life and how we get our message out. Email helps us to keep connected and make…
Tips to use the email subject field properly.

Quick Subject Field Tips

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When you open your inbox, you tend to look at who the emails within are from first. Next, as we continue to scan, we look to the Subject: field to…
Think of others before attaching files to emails.

Email File Attachment Considerations

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The topic of sending attachments by email is not one that is discussed as much as it probably should be. It is easy to attach a file to an email. Almost too easy!
Understanding email returns and bounce-backs

Understanding Undeliverable E-mails

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Undeliverable error messages are the protocol in place to let you know when messages sent do not (for many different reasons) make it to the intended recipient. You want to become familiar with how these messages relay exactly what the problem is.

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