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Always apologize for computer virus infections that impact others.

Apologize if you’re infected!

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Should you apologize if you get an email virus or malware that starts sending out infected emails to all your friends and contacts? What about if a device gets hacked…
Undoing Emails to the wrong address.

HELP! I Sent an Email to the Wrong Person!

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Panicked onliners contact me quite regularly, asking for advice and help about what they should do after emailing the wrong person. “Can I get the email back?” Maybe. It depends…
Are your emails viewed as terse?

Are Your Emails Perceived as Terse?

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Many emailers do not realize how easy it is to come off as blunt, terse, or demanding. So what happens is you type a couple of words, your thoughts at…
Don't assume gender in email. Here's how.

Assuming Gender in Email

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Well, you know what happens when you assume? It rarely works out well. Making assumptions is something brought up quite often when it comes to email. Assuming never leads to…
Yes, you need to capitalize your name -- all the time.

Yes, How You Type Your Name Matters!

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Your name is what identifies you; it’s who you are. So making a good impression (or not) can depend on something as minor as how you choose to type your…

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