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Tips to encourage your emails to be read.

7 Tips to Get Your Emails Read

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Email is not the venue for a manifesto. Instead, concise messaging and structure, which many folks need to work on, are crucial to getting your emails read. Email is part…
Personal email list permission tips.

When Not to Add to Your Mailing List

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Whether personal or business-oriented, the mailing list that you use to send mass emails has to be managed carefully, respectfully, and with courtesy. However, did you know that personal mass…
Using Ellipses in Email Communications

Using Ellipses (…) In Email

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I remind folks to use proper sentence structure and grammar when composing their emails, as my regular readers know. I pretty much leave it at that — I am not…
How to handle being blown off by an email contact.

How do I know if I’m being blown off?

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How much time should go by before you assume you’ve been “blown off” by an email contact? The next question is when (or if) you should send another message? Next,…

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