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During these uncertain times, In your email communications be kind and wise in your email communications.

“During These Uncertain Times…”

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We are living in crazy times. And with that comes less patience, more stress and more folks lashing out. Now is when that extra little effort, respect and courtesy is…
Email Etiquette and When (or not) to use Reply to All

Proper Use of Reply to All

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How ironic that those who complain about others use of the Reply to All feature also seem to be those who do not respect the privacy of their contacts by using the BCc: field!
Phone call requests by email?

How to Ask for a Phone Call in an Email

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Have you ever received an email requesting a phone call from someone you’ve never met or communicated with before? I did this week and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I…
Email Closing and Greeting Etiquette

List of Email Greetings and Closings?

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A site visitor writes: I struggle with email closings, as well as greetings. You did address the need for a Hi, Hello, etc. in one of your posts, are there…
Email Etiquette and Flaming

Have You Been Flamed?

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Flaming is basically a very harsh message from one person to another via email.

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