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Your E-mail IS You!

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Funny how so many want to trivialize email proper practices. “E-mail is informal (very)”, “email is just a tool”, “why take email so darned seriously”? Actual quotes in emails that…
Email Etiquette @ Net Manners Dot Com

Should I have a Signature File on Personal E-mails?

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Sure; why not!? What many don’t think about is the fact that your signature file can have your informal personal sign-offs which include info you probably wouldn’t include in formal…
Sending anonymous emails reflects a lack of integrity.

No Name; Email Address Only?

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Email Etiquette includes displaying your name in the From field settings of your email program. You do not want to make recipients wonder who the email is from based on…
Advise your expectations for email replies.

Advise Your Expectations for a Reply

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If a Sender expects a reply to an email, should it be stated in the email? “Please Respond…..” or “I expect a response…” really isn’t necessary. Responses are expected and customary. That is unless the Recipient is intentionally ignoring the Sender.

Are You Offended When Mistake is Pointed Out?

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Why is it when folks do things wrong online and someone tries to inform them they get all offended? I sure hope you are not mad at me or will call me rude simply because I do not agree with how you handled the situation.

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