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“Dear John” E-mails?

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Recently I received 2 emails asking me about getting a “Dear John” email with the sender wondering how they should reply. In my opinion, no reply is necessary — get…

No Name? Then You ARE a Nobody!

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E-mail Etiquette includes displaying your name in the From: field settings of your email program. Because you can email in anonymity doesn’t mean you should. Not only is it rude;…

Advise Your Expectations for a Reply

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If a Sender expects a reply to an email, should it be stated in the email? “Please Respond…..” or “I expect a response…” really isn’t necessary. Responses are expected and customary. That is unless the Recipient is intentionally ignoring the Sender.

When Not to Add to Your Mailing List

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Whether it be personal or business oriented, your mailing list of email addresses that you use to send mass emails to has to be managed carefully, respectfully and with courtesy….

They’re Not Replying!

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So many onliners believe they are being ignored due to not receiving replies to their emails. I get asked about this more than any other topic. “What do I do?…

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