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Take the time to communicate with explicitness in your emails.

The Importance of Explicitness in Your Emails

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If you receive an email that asks several questions — answer each one, point-by-point. Don’t just hit reply and type a general statement at the top of the email that doesn’t cover all the issues presented.
Why and when was Netiquette Invented?

Why was Netiquette invented?

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Recently a site visitor emailed asking why I felt the “need” to invent Netiquette (giving me way too much credit). Who was I to tell anyone what to do? I’m…
Don't be an email e-tattler!

e-Tattling @ Work

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This seems to happen quite often in the workplace. Maybe you’ve even been involved in an e-tattling attempt? Someone emails a coworker with a request. When the request is not responded to, declined or denied — Katie bar the doors!

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