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What are your email reply expectations?

When to Expect an Email Reply?

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How soon should you expect a reply to an email? Should you send another email if you don’t receive a response to your initial inquiry? If so, when? Should you…
Are you an email narcissist? Or do you know one?

Are You an Email Narcissist (or do you know one)?

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What is a Narcissist? A narcissist can be described as being self-centered, smug, and egotistic. From So, based on the above, one can easily surmise what email narcissism is,…
Take the time to sub and unsub from email lists correctly.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Etiquette?

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Email Etiquette has everything to do with courtesy. This means taking the time and paying attention to details so that you are doing your best to think of others. Not…
Email forwards and privacy concerns.

Email Forwards: Invasion of Privacy?

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Yes. Yes, it is! Whoever sent that forwarded email should have redacted/removed all of their contact’s email addresses from the forward. You never expose contacts’ email addresses to folks they…
How to handle Email Arguments

How to Handle Email Arguments

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Email “Gunfights” Gunfights usually end when there is only one person left standing. Unfortunately, it seems this also applies to email gunfighters. You know what I am talking about. Email…

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