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New 2023 Certificate
New 2023 Certificate

When you take The Email Etiquette Pledge AND receive a 100% (10/10) on the Email Etiquette Quiz in no more than two tries, you can request a free customized certificate (PDF) that you can print out and display with pride. All you have to do is provide your name, the email address that you provided after taking the quiz, and the date that you achieved a perfect score so I can look up your results.

You will be sent a link to download your certificate, which will be active for three days. Generally, for requests made during the week, you’ll receive your download link within 24-48 hours. Certificate requests made over the weekend will be processed the following business day.

Certificate Request

Your information will only be used to verify your quiz attempts and to create and send you your certificate.

Is your answer “Yes” to the following three questions?

  1. Did you log your name and email address with a perfect Email Etiquette Quiz score of 10/10?
  2. Did you get a perfect score in no more than two tries within 30 days?
  3. Did you take the Email Etiquette Pledge?

Here’s the deal…

There is a lot of cheating going on! But I can see right through all these efforts (I track every click and IP on this website.)

  • Requesting a certificate when a perfect score of 10/10 or 100% was NOT achieved.
  • Using different email addresses until a perfect score is achieved.
  • Getting a perfect score after more than the allowed two attempts.
  • Not inputting a name or email address and taking the quiz multiple times until a perfect score is figured out, then requesting a certificate.
  • Not integrating Email Etiquette Basics in your certificate request. That tells me you really do not care about the topic and just want a certificate. (Yeah, folks actually do this!)

Certificate requests that do not meet the above criteria or follow instructions will not receive a response.