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Protecting your contact's email privacy is worth making the effort to learn where the BCc: field is located in your email program of choice.

Where’s the BCc:?

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A Teachable Moment… I received an email this morning where I was being scolded. First, they noticed how I am always “harping” about using BCc: to shield your contact’s email…
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The Best Way to Say “Stop Forwarding!”

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In my experience, folks are always more open to new information or suggestions that they are doing something incorrectly when it is done with courtesy and good intentions. So, don’t hide behind your screen, assist others to learn what they do not yet know by being a kind voice amongst all the noise that they can count on to help them!

Email Forwards: Invasion of Privacy?

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Is it an invasion of privacy to email someone with out their permission by using their email address cut from a forwarded email sent to you from a mutual acquaintance?

E-mail Narcissism

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What is a Narcissist? A narcissist is defined as “someone in love with themselves”: nar?cis’sism: n Excessive love or admiration of oneself. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of…

3 Steps to Stop Scams and Virus Problems!

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Many do not update their virus programs (that is if they even have one in the first place) and they believe some of the most gratuitously ridiculous offers. That is as long as those “offers” insinuate easy riches with little effort or expense. To that end; there is your weakest link. The propensity to believe misinformation that caters to one’s inner desires.

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