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Email “Gunfights”

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Gunfights usually end when there is only one person left standing. Unfortunately, it seems this also applies to email gunfighters. You know what I am talking about. Email differences of…

3 Simple E-mail Etiquette Tips to Impress

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E-mail etiquette is basically a courtesy thing — the ability to think about how your actions and words will be perceived by the other side. Some make the mistake thinking…

You Are How You Type

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Don’t kid yourself… We do it off-line when we meet someone new or see a person walking down the street. We form perceptions as a natural reaction to what we…
Sending anonymous emails reflects a lack of integrity.

No Name; Email Address Only?

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Email Etiquette includes displaying your name in the From field settings of your email program. You do not want to make recipients wonder who the email is from based on…
Advise your expectations for email replies.

Advise Your Expectations for a Reply

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If a Sender expects a reply to an email, should it be stated in the email? “Please Respond…..” or “I expect a response…” really isn’t necessary. Responses are expected and customary. That is unless the Recipient is intentionally ignoring the Sender.
Are your emails being ignored?

They’re Not Replying!

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So many onliners believe they are being ignored due to not receiving replies to their emails. I get asked about this more than any other topic. “What do I do?…

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