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Here's how to avoid the downside of spam filters.

Spam Filtering Tips: Avoid the Downside of Spam Filters

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Even if you take all the steps or recommendations mentioned in the above articles there are still some obstacles we have to tackle when it comes to spam filtering. Spam filtering tools are still evolving and let’s face it are simply programs trying to determine based on known criteria what is spam or not.
Checklist to avoid email misunderstandings.

How to Avoid Email Misunderstandings Checklist

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Most misunderstandings can be avoided by one side or the other not rushing through their email activities and ensuring your email will be received, read and perceived with the desired meaning by the intended recipient.
Start Email Etiquette with these simple tips.

3 Simple Email Etiquette Tips to Impress

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Another way to think of email etiquette is that it is a courtesy thing. Email etiquette allows you to control how the other side will perceive your actions and words…
Always check email links BEFORE clicking on them.

Security Tip: Be Leery of Email Links

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One of the most common ways to get intrusive files, spyware, adware, worms, or cookies on your computer is by clicking on email links. Links that take you to websites…

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