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Email Forwarding Guidelines

5 Rules for Forwarding Email

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Forwarding emails is one of the topics I get contacted about the most. And one which also causes hurt feelings and misunderstandings more than other topics. What is a “nice…
Red text in email adds emphasis.

Email Text Emphasis: Red Means Red!

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It is common for me to get emails asking what a sender meant by including specific text in their email that has been purposely changed to red. I believe most…
Online Copyright Myths

7 Online Copyright Myths

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One of the most misunderstood issues online has to do with copyright. Both with email and website content copyright issues. For some reason, as with many things online, there is…
Take a hint when it comes to Email Etiquette!

How To Hint About Email Etiquette?

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How do you politely inform your friends or family members who are not all that into Email Etiquette that they need to bone up on the subject? That’s a tough…

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