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Use courtesy to get email responses.

How to Email to Get a Response? Courtesy.

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There are lots of little signals you send with every email. However, those little “enuances” often will determine when or even if you get the response you desire. Is your…
Online and email rules matter.

Email Details, Guidelines, and Rules

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When I started promoting email etiquette, I saw that most onliners did not realize the power of the written word combined with their use of technology. The thing is that…
Make sure your emails are not tone deaf.

Are Your Emails Tone Deaf?

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Did you know there is a tone to every email you send? Whether you know it or not, the other side assumes your tone based on what words you choose,…
Respect means not breaking up a serious intimate relationship by email.

Are Break-Up Emails Appropriate?

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I was asked if, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst, how appropriate is it to break up with someone via email? My initial reaction…
Please stop forwarding silly emails.

“How to Nicely Ask Them to Stop”

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We all have folks in our lives that the only time we seem to hear from them is when they forward emails. Emails that many times we really don’t care…

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