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Only type what you mean.

“That is Not What I Meant” Doesn’t Cut it!

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You are what you type; you are the words you choose to use. Know that what you type will be taken at it’s face value by the other side — that they will take you at your word(s).
How to handle obsessive email forwarders.

How Do I Ask Them to Stop Forwarding All Those Silly Emails?

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No matter how nice, how kind, how thoughtful they may be in asking someone to stop forwarding these “forward to everyone you know” emails, the forwarder will either have hurt feelings or get downright belligerent in the belief that they can do what they want.
Don't hide behind email or your screen as an excuse to be nasty!

If You Wouldn’t Say It To Their Face…

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Amazing how bold onliners are while safely hiding behind these screens! The lack of face-to-face contact makes them bolder than they normally would be allowing them to type in a manner in which they wouldn’t dare speak.
Online dating website etiquette.

Online Dating Email Etiquette?

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I thought I would share an email conversation with a website visitor who was sick and tired of the lack of etiquette on dating websites. Maybe it will help you…

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