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Email forwards and privacy concerns.

Email Forwards: Invasion of Privacy?

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Yes. Yes, it is! Whoever sent that forwarded email should have redacted/removed all of their contact’s email addresses from the forward. You never expose contacts’ email addresses to folks they…
How to handle Email Arguments

How to Handle Email Arguments

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Email “Gunfights” Gunfights usually end when there is only one person left standing. Unfortunately, it seems this also applies to email gunfighters. You know what I am talking about. Email…
Don't Trust Online Strangers Who Act Like Friends

Don’t Trust Online Strangers Who Act Like Friends

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In general, folks are too trusting. When online, you should be the polar opposite. Don’t trust anyone or any website until you can verify that they are trustworthy and credible….
As a customer, always email with courtesy and clarity.

Customers Should Email with Courtesy and Clarity

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Good customers communicate with courtesy and clarity in their email communications. When you send questions by email or through a website’s contact form, that is an opportunity to show what…

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