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This quiz includes the “basic” issues that I am still asked about regularly. The questions and answers will guide you in understanding the basic email etiquette principles to help you be a courteous communicator.

Many who take the quiz assume it is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems, as I throw in a couple of trick questions. Fails are primarily because visitors do not review this site and ignore the details. If anything, Email Etiquette is about paying attention to details.

Why not give it a whirl and see how you score? HINT: You may want to review this site before taking the quiz if you would like to achieve 100% and qualify for a customized printable Certificate that you can display with pride.

Certificates are only awarded to those who get a 100% score in no more than TWO tries.

Before you start, review these instructions carefully.

07.20.21: Due to folks trying to game the system and not read instructions, I’ve had to harden the quiz parameters and the tracking process. Every attempt is logged. If I see you are trying to game the system, you are disqualified from receiving a Certificate.

  1. Take the Quiz by selecting the correct answer for each of the 10 questions. You have 5 minutes to complete the quiz — you’ll see the countdown timer in your browser tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. Before your results display, you need to input your name and email address so that your score is attributed to you when you achieve a perfect score.
  3. You are allowed only two attempts to get a perfect score to qualify for a Certificate. If you miss the first round, read my site to ensure you can get a perfect score on your second try.
  4. Click the YOUR SCORE button to see how you did. All results are logged by IP, date, and time.
  5. When your receive a perfect score, the next step is to take The Pledge and confirm your name and email address again so that I can look up your perfect quiz score result. I’ll then create a customized printable certificate for you to download with your name that you can print out and display with pride. (Please allow 24-72 hours for certificate creation.)

Choose one correct answer per question. Good Luck!!

1. Before sending unexpected very large attachments, I should:
2. Why shouldn’t I type my emails in all caps?
3. When should I use the BCc: (Blind Courtesy Copy) field?
4. How should I respond to a rude or insulting email?
5. Before emailing a website for assistance, I should:
6. I should only forward an email when:
7. I should down-edit my email replies by…
8. What is the most important thing I should do with every email?
9. How quickly should I reply to email?
10. When is it okay to email strangers about my business?

Now, add your name and email address so I can track your score.  Your info is for my eyes only and to correlate your score if you want to request a Certificate after getting a perfect score and Taking the Pledge.